IW Roundup — June 1, 2021

This Week in Irregular Warfare

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan commander killed in Quetta, Baluchistan; Myanmar’s Junta uses bodies of dead to spread terror; Austria launches “Islam Map”; Most of the people involved in Capitol Riot of January 6 are not in custody; and more…

Welcome to the latest installment of The Irregular Warrior’s news digest on Irregular Warfare and Special Operations. As always, we hope you’ll find this collection to be interestingly broad in its scope, in addition to bringing you the stories most relevant to U.S. readers. Now on to the roundup:

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Commander killed in Quetta, Baluchistan

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) carried out an intelligence-based operation against Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the Killi Aghbarh area of Quetta. In an exchange of fire between security officials and terrorists, four members of the banned terrorist organization were killed, Included among the dead was a key commander named as Riaz Thekedar. Riaz was involved in multiple attacks, including the one conducted in 2016 on Civil Hospital Quetta. Dawn, May 27. [TTP commander, 3 other terrorists killed in Quetta: CTD – Pakistan – DAWN.COM]

Myanmar’s Junta uses bodies of dead to spread terror

In different videos and images, security officials are seen using bodies of the dead to create fear in the civilian population. The corpses and the bodies of wounded are dragged like sacks on the streets. Missing persons’ bodies are sent back with signs of torture and mutilation. Nick Cheesman, a researcher at Australian National University, claimed that the events of torture and killing might appear random but are actually deliberate and systematic, designed to demobilize the people and quash the growing resistance. The Washington Post, May 26. [Myanmar’s junta uses bodies as tools of terror in crackdown – The Washington Post]

Austria suffers backlash from Muslim communities on launching Islam Map

The Austrian Government launched a map labelling location of Mosques and Muslim institutions around the country. The map is called as the National Map of Islam. The group Islamic Religious Community in Austria plans to sue the government on putting the security of Muslims in danger. The integration minister is response to the backlash said that the aim was to fight political ideologies not religion. Turkey’s foreign minster called out the act as part of Austria’s wider “xenophobic, racist and anti-Islam policies.” Al Jazeera, May 29. [Austrian Muslims to sue government over ‘Islam map’ | Islamophobia News | Al Jazeera]

Most of the people involved in Capitol Riot of January 6 are not in custody

Around 70% of the people charged in Capitol Riot are not detained ahead of trial whereas usually only 25% of the federal defendants are released before their hearing. The members of the groups Proud Boys and Oath Keepers who are were facing serious charges due to their alleged planning of violence have also been released.  A former federal Attorney Zunkel and his colleague said that the problem is not that white people are released but it is that Judges are not making similar calls for other people in the Federal System. The Guardian, May 28. [Revealed: majority of people charged in Capitol attack aren’t in jail | US Capitol breach | The Guardian]

Terrorist attacking 3 French Police officers shot dead

The extremist who attacked and wounded a female officer recently have been shot and killed in France. The assailant was on terrorist watchlist. After the attack on the female officer, a team of 80 officers was instructed to arrest the attacker. In an exchange of gunshots, 3 officers were wounded and the attacker was killed. The Hindu, May 28. [Man attacks 3 French police officers, shot dead – The Hindu]

Three jailed over Barcelona attacks conducted in 2017

Three individuals belonging to an Islamic extremist cell were given prison sentences ranging from 8 to 53 years due to attacks conducted in Barcelona in 2017. The three were sentenced on the matter of aiding and facilitating the attacks. Two of the extremists were involved in manufacturing and preparation of explosives and were given 53 and a half and 46 years in prison respectively. The third extremist has been sentenced on the matter of buying explosive material for the attacks. He has been given 8 years in prison. The Washington Post, May 27. [3 jailed over 2017 Barcelona attacks by Islamist extremists – The Washington Post]

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